Ankita Bhandari Missing Case: Police arrested three people including the son of a former minister of state

In the Ankita Bhandari case, working in the resort of Ganga Bhogpur located in Yamkeshwar block of Pauri district, the police have detained some people. According to Srinagar CO Shyam Dutt Nautiyal, the police have arrested three people including the owner of the resort Pulkit Arya, manager Ankit. It Is Now Confirmed That Ankita Bhandari Have Been Murdered.

Police put a lock on the resort

Due to the apprehension of something untoward, the police had locked the resort and detained six employees present there for questioning. Whereas the resort owner and the manager, who registered the missing girl’s missing person, have not yet come before the police.

ankita bhandari missing
Photo Courtesy: Amar Ujala

Ankita used to work as a receptionist In the Resort

Ankita Bhandari (19 years) daughter of village Shrikot Patti Nandlasun Pauri Garhwal in Vanantara Resort located in Ganga Bhopgur, revenue area, was working as a receptionist for some time. Ankita Bhandari was not found in her room at the resort. After which Pulkit Kumar, the operator of the resort, gave a complaint to the revenue police.

Pulkit Arya is the son of former Minister of State Vinod Arya(BJP)

Pulkit Arya is the son of former Minister of State Vinod Arya. He is the owner of a resort in Shimla, which was earlier run by his father. Pulkit took over the resort after his father’s retirement from politics. The resort is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Shimla.

Police are looking for a 23-year-old woman who has been missing since she left her job at a resort in the Maldives on March 9.

Ankita Bhandari, from India, was last seen when she finished her shift at the Dhigali Maldives Resort and did not return to her room, police said.

Her family reported her missing on March 11 after they failed to get in touch with her.

Bhandari’s father, Ravinder, told police that his daughter had been working at the resort for about two months and was due to return home next week.

“She is a very responsible girl and would never have just run off without letting us know,” he said.

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