राजेन्द्र आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, रांची
Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences
An Autonomous Institute under the Govt. of Jharkhand
Ranchi, Jharkhand
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eHospital is a digital India initiative and our institute is the forerunner of the campaign in Jharkhand.
Every nook and corner of RIMS campus has an access to internet via LAN and Wi-Fi.
eHospital is in the priority list of Government of India to computerize all Govt. hospital and to strengthen online patient-centric interface with provision of Unique Health ID (UHID).
This UHID will enable patients and treating clinicians to reach patient's treatment record (present and past) in any hospital across the country connected via HIMS.
HIMS is aimed to expedite and simplify the internal workflow of the hospital.
The patient interface is facilitated through ORS (Online Registration System) where services related to patients will be delivered electronically, like online appointment, viewing of lab reports etc.
eHospital has 16 modules, which will be implemented in phases. Presently the first 6 phases of the 17 mentioned below are functioning in our institute

  1. Patient Registration
  2. Emergency Registration
  3. Clinics
  4. Billing and Accounts
  5. Path Lab(LIS)
  6. Radiology / Imaging(RIS)
  7. PACS Interface
  8. Blood Bank Management
  9. IPD (ADT)
  10. OT Management
  11. Pharmacy Management
  12. Electronic Medical Records(EMR)
  13. Birth & Death Registration
  14. Care Provision
  15. Stores & Inventory
  16. Dietary Services
  17. Personnel Management

Some salient features of HIMS are:
Aadhar/Non-Aadhar/mobile based online appointment system.
View/print/cancel appointments.
Online access to lab reports.
Online payment gateway integration.
SMS based confirmation.
Access through web and mobile android app.
Available in English and Hindi languages.
UHID (Unique Health ID) creation for each patient through Aadhar will facilitate Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in cloud based storage, provided by Govt. of India, which can be retrieved anytime in all Govt. hospitals participating in HIMS program, there by relieving the patient of maintaining his medical record. This will also facilitate in generating health analytics at state and national level.