राजेन्द्र आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, रांची
Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences
An Autonomous Institute under the Govt. of Jharkhand
Ranchi, Jharkhand
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Telemedicine department was inaugurated on 28.03.2006. Telemedicineis communicating with persons who, through satellite, are connected to us. Audio-Visual conferencing. This enables us to share our views with other colleagues sitting at another corner of the country or even abroad. Advent of satellite communication system has really shrunken the world. The satellite support is provided by ISHRO (Indian Space Research Organization).

Through telemedicine, any consultant can be Contacted for a second opinion. It also has provision to send the details of the patient along with clinical findings and investigation reports. Even an X-ray, CT or MRI plate can be scanned by special scanner available in our centre and sent to any specialist any where connected to us via satellite for consultation. Even a videoconferencing can be arranged with the consultant. Live telecast of workshops and CMEs can be arranged.

However telemedicine department has been established in our institute with an entirely different motto. It is planned to make our institute a hub for providing consultation to all PHCs in Jharkhand. A digital library and medical archive in telemedicine department is also in the pipeline. With assistance from the central government under DISC-Health, 75 tele-consultation centres, remote/ rural/ urban areas and 25 telemedicine centres, at specialist hospitals are to be established in various states and UTs with the help of C-DAC, Moohali. Our institute has been chosen to be the Superspeciality Hospital for Jharkhand.