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Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences
An Autonomous Institute under the Govt. of Jharkhand
Ranchi, Jharkhand
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MOHFW & GOI partnership with FOGSI / AVVNI Foundation in association with JHPIEGO a unique program 'Excellence centers' for EMOC - Nodal centres / Tertiary Care centres to serve as EmOC training site for MOs based at FRU for saving maternal lives.

Program Objectives

To develop capacity of doctors (General Practitioners & non speciality Medical Officers) in India to provide high quality Emergency Obstetrics Care (EmOC) services in rural areas where skilled obstetricians are not available.

Why EMOC (Emergency Obstetrics Care)

  • To reduce Maternal Mortality in country.
  • Trained health workers in Emergency Obstetrics Care.
  • To improve health facilities at PHC, APHC, SDH, ref Hospitals in rural areas.
  • To reduce many health care challenges & improve health indicators.

Achievements of EMOC in FY 2016-17

  • In Financial Year 2016-17 there is one batch of EmOC training was completed in group of 7 MOs from 24.08.2016 to 13.12.2016 (In this duration Dr Jacinta Minz, HOD, Dept. OBGY, RIMS was our cheif Co-ordinator.

Specific Objectives of the projects

  • Train MOs
  • Upgrade their skills and capacity of in EmOC and related maternal health services
  • EMOC team members :
  • CC- Dr. Anubha Vidyarthi, HOD, Dept. of OBGY, RIMS
  • TCTC- Dr. Atima Bharti, Associate Professor, Dept. of OBGY, RIMS
  • Master trainers -
    1. Dr. Archana Kumari, Associate Professor, Dept. of OBGY, RIMS
    2. Dr. Bratati Moitra, Associate Professor, Dept. of OBGY, RIMS
    3. Dr. Neelam Nalini, Associate Professor, Dept. of OBGY, RIMS
  • Nodal Officer- Sanjay Nishad
  • Secretary- Debraj Roy